Look at how excited he is for himself. [x]

Fake Film: The Art of Confidence.

JJ Feild & Tom Hiddleston.

Period Comedy ► Two brothers, Peter (JJ Feild) and Rupert (Tom Hiddleston), travel England conning wealthy men and women by claiming to sell property that they do not really own. When the real owners are out, the brothers break in and show the property to possible buyers. They then take their money and move on to the next town. But when their con is exposed, chaos ensues as not only the police but angry buyers and home owners seek them out.

From the beginning, we were lucky because we had this chemistry and the same kind of enthusiasm. (Hemsworth)

All acting is about what happens in the space between people and the more you trust each other the deeper you can go. When I am on set with Chris, whatever he serves I return, and he serves it back. That is the joy of it for me. (Hiddleston)

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