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Quick summary of some of the information from the twitch stream:


  • No lasting injuries as in Origins and 2
  • Qunari horns don’t have a size slider
  • Ears and earlobes are customizable 
  • Scars can be moved around the face and aren’t fixed in place
  • Can build specific armour shapes from any material once you have the schematic for that shape.
  • Qunari headgear will be tattoo like warpaint
  • Eyelash shape and colour is customizable 
  • Huge customization available in CC (click and drag)
  • Quick escape button - variations for each class help you to escape (run away) from enemies quickly.
  • No bar or number system for companion approval
  • However you will be notified of approval and disapproval
  • Class and hereldary armors
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All via Ferico21 (who attended Edmonton Expo), on the DAI Twitter Thread on Bioware’s forum.

Character Creation

  • Character creator will have a similar click-and-pull feature when editing the face, similar to Sims 4
  • Color wheel applicable for eyes, tattos, warpaint
  • Moustaches and beards
  • Qunari can have horns or no horns
  • Some male haircuts: “top heavy buzzcut sides, long gorgeous hair, very large thick beards, moustahces with scrubble”
  • "Some very fashionable hair" for females
  • Choosing a character will “likely” appear after the beginning incident

The Game

  • Possible griffins appearance as DLC
  • Not “seeing” the Warden in Inquisition, though it’s possible we may hear them
  • Lots of cheesewheels
  • Harding, the head scout from the Fallow Mire demo, is described as “cute and merciless”
  • Skyhold’s treasury goes through many phases
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