dragon age graphics challenge: [5/15] an antagonist

"Look at you. Like fat Dathrasi you feed and feed and complain only when your meal is interrupted. You do not look up. You do not see that the grass is bare. All you leave in your wake is misery. You are blind. I will make you see."


For those who value survival, sentimentality is not an option.

— Vivienne, Dragon Age: Inquisition

"Now I walk within the shadows. I can see the light, but it never finds me. I reach for it, but it slips through my fingers. In the shadows you are always alone, the world oblivious to your passing."


Blessed are they who stand before The corrupt and the wicked and do not falter. Blessed are the peacekeepers, the champions of the just.
-Benedictions 4:10

Dragon Age Keep Reveal (x)