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five prequels/sequels: dragon age: inquisition [2/5]

Our search will take us to every corner of this land. The beautiful, the dangerous, the ancient places where no one walks alone. This is the world we are trying to save.”

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there was a verse for it, once.

dragon age protagonists and their titles


Dragon Age Inquisition: Warrior and Rogue Backstories

The Warrior and Rogue backstories are the same for both classes.


Willing or unwilling, you were sent to the Chantry’s conclave to assist relatives who sought to make peace between the templars and mages. It didn’t go well.


The clan wandered the northern Free Marches and had little need to interact with humans—until the clan’s Keeper sent you to the Chantry’s conclave as a spy. What happened there, she said, would impact only the Dalish but indeed all elves. She could not have known how right she was.


As part of the ruthless Cadash crime family, you spent your life on the streets of various Free Marcher city-states—until you were sent to the Chantry conclave as a spy and everything changed.


Most recently the company was sent to the Chantry conclave as hired swords meant to keep the peace between mages and templars—a task that has gone horribly wrong.

Mage Backstories


A guide to swearing in Thedas


These are all taken from the toolset (mostly under “cuss” in the soundsets, but also from various bits of dialogue), organized for your convenience.

Not English the King’s Tongue

  • Brasca! (Zevran)
  • Vashedan! (Sten)

Pretty normal

  • Alas!
  • Blast it all, anyhow!
  • Blasted bastards!
  • Blech. (Sandal)
  • Blood and ashes.
  • Blood and honor!
  • Bloody blast it!
  • Bollocks.
  • Cripes.
  • Crud!
  • Curse me for a fool!
  • Cursed for a fool!
  • Curses!
  • Confound it! (Flemeth, of all people)
  • Damnation!
  • Drat!
  • Fiddlesticks!
  • Blast and blazes!
  • Blast and damnation! (Morrigan)
  • Blasted curses of a thousand misfortunes!
  • Blood and damnation! (Leliana)
  • Burn it all!
  • Fire and death!
  • Dirt and spit!
  • Flaming bastard.
  • Garbage!
  • Lazy, slack-jawed louts.
  • Miserable wretch.
  • Of all the blasted—!
  • Of all the cursed—!
  • Of all the infernal—! (Riordan)
  • Of all the—! (Leliana)
  • Oh dear.
  • Oh, bother!
  • Oh, for pity’s sake!
  • Oh, poppycock.
  • Oh… blast it! (Alistair)
  • Phooey!
  • Shoddy piece of crap!
  • Sod it all!
  • Son of a bitch!
  • Son of an inbred!
  • Tarnation!
  • That’s a stinker! (fade!Cailan)
  • That’s swill!
  • Those bloody whoresons.
  • Thrice-cursed whorespawn.
  • Two-faced bastards.


  • Bleeding thorns!
  • By the lost Dales!
  • Fenharel’s teeth!
  • Mythal’enaste!
  • Slap me around and call me a wild sylvan! (Shianni)
  • Well punch me in the teeth and call me a wild sylvan…

Invocations of Andraste

  • By the Lady!
  • Andraste’s ashes!
  • Andraste’s breath!
  • For the love of Andraste!
  • For the love of Lady Andraste!
  • Lady’s breath!
  • Merciful Andraste!
  • Oh, Andraste, help me…
  • Oh, for Andraste’s sake.
  • Oh, for the love of Blessed Andraste!
  • Oh, for the love of the Maker’s Bride.
  • Well, throw me in a fire and call me Andraste!

Andraste’s clothing

  • Andraste’s holy knickers!
  • By Andraste’s burning under-drawers!
  • By Andraste’s dirty socks!
  • By Andraste’s holy knickers!
  • By Andraste’s sword!

Andraste’s ass

  • Andraste’s ass!
  • Andraste’s fat ass!
  • Andraste’s lily-white ass!
  • Maferath’s hairy arse!
    (bonus Andraste’s husband’s ass due to not having another category in which to put it)

The Maker

  • Great Maker!
  • Holy Maker!
  • Maker damn you for a fool!
  • Maker-forsaken piece of—
  • Maker’s beard!
  • Maker’s Blood.
  • Maker’s breath! (by far the most common Thedas-specific curse)
  • Tears of the Maker!


  • Aeducan’s beard!
  • Beards of the Paragons!
  • Bemot’s beard!
  • Blood of the Paragons!
  • By the beards of the Paragons!
  • Caridin’s teeth!
  • Ortan’s teeth!
  • Paragon’s teeth!
  • Paragons have mercy!


  • Ancestors have mercy!
  • By the hairs of my ancestors!
  • By the stones of the Ancestors!
  • By the teats of my ancestors!
  • By the tits of my ancestors!

Dwarf culture

  • Bronto piss!
  • By the Stone!
  • For the love of nugs and idiot children!
  • Nug-dung!
  • Nug-humper!
  • Nugs and dolts!
  • Stonecursed duster!
  • Stones!
  • What the nug!

 The Blight

  • Ah, Blight!
  • Blight and destruction!
  • Blighted wretch!
  • Darkspawn blood!
  • Fire and Blight!
  • Griffon’s buttocks! (fade!Duncan)

 The Fade

  • Blasted fade monkeys!
  • By the Black City!
  • By the walls of the golden city! (Desire demon)
  • Fade monkeys! 

Racial epithets

  • Bare-skinned shem!
  • Filthy elf-lover!
  • Bloody elf guts!
  • Son of a Fereldan bitch! (Tevinter guard)

Pee and poop

  • Ah, piss and vinegar.
  • Crap!
  • Dog piss!
  • Flaming rat turds.
  • Oh, piss on it!
  • Piss and blood!
  • Piss and spittle!
  • Piss on a stick.
  • Piss on it!
  • Shit.
  • Shite.
  • Stinking road apples!
  • Turd!


  • Base-born jackal.
  • Bloody kibble!
  • Flea-bitten whelps.
  • Hound’s arse!
  • Miserable cur!
  • Of all the motherless mongrels.
  • Scurvy dogs! (Isabela)


  • Applesauce!
  • Beans and spuds!
  • Milk and cookies! (Perpetua)
  • Pickles! (Paivel)
  • Ugh! That’s bean-rot!

Fereldan culture and history

  • By the giant stones of the Dwarfson.
  • Great Dane’s bitch.
  • Calenhad’s crown! (fade!Maric)

 Animals and insects

  • Dung beetles!
  • Flies and bother!
  • For the love of little fish.
  • Hind of a jackrabbit!
  • Hog wash!
  • Horse feathers! (Wynne)
  • Motherless son of a goat.
  • Oh, donkey bum!
  • Oh… f-frogs! (Daveth)
  • Oh… rats.
  • Ox dung!
  • Pigeon crap! (Shale)
  • Rats!
  • Rotten maggot-spawn!
  • Skunk breath! (Sloth)
  • Shave a horse and punch me in the teeth.
  • Spawn of motherless goat.
  • Sod-eating rodents!
  • Well, wax my head and call me a pug!

what is this i dont even

  • Dust bugger!
  • Oh, fuddle-knuckles.
  • Stab me with a fork and call me Susan! (Carroll)
  • Thunder humper! (Oghren)
  • Whiplash and Crow sauce!
  • You dung-brained goat herder.